Saturday, January 28, 2012

fsharp - learning - resources

The inspiration came to me when I ended up at Luca Bolognese talk while searching for something else on Channel9, and now am a (slow) learner of fsharp. This posts lists some of the resources I came across. I will be updating this post as soon as any resources become available, feel free to comment if you have any.

The BIG list :

- Lists most of known resources, So let me try to came up with those which were not on the list.


    (Official fsharp page)
   (fsharp language reference)
                        The F# 2.0 Language Specification (April 2010)




            Twitter Stream :
                                    - As always twitter is the best way to know what happens in the world of functional programming, go follow the legends to know more about fsharp.

HaPpY Coding!!!

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